Exchange student

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교환학생 Exchanage Student

1. 지원 정보 (Application information)

*학습기간(Study Period)
*한국어과정 신청여부 (Do you want to participate in the Korean language class?) [yes/no]
※한국어과정 신청하는 경우 단계도 적어주시기 바랍니다.
※If you say [yes], please specify Level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

2. 학생 정보 (Student informaiton)

*이름(Given Name)
*한글 성명(Full legal Name written in Korean)
한자 성명 (Name in Chinese)
Only for Chinese and Japanese
*생년월일(Date of Birth)
*여권번호(Passport No.)
다른 성명 (Another name in use or was used)
다른 여권 소지 여부 (Another passport was used)
번호 (Passport No.) 발급국 (Country of Issue) 만료일 (Date of expiary)
복수 국적 (Another nationality if you have)
*자국내 연락처(Contact Number with Country of Origin)
*E-mail 주소(E-mail Address)
*연락가능 주소 (Current Mailing Address with postal code)
본국 주소(Permanent Address in Home Country with postal code)

3. 가족 정보 (Family inforamtion)

부친 (Father) *성명(Full Name)
*연락처(Contact No.)
부 직업/직위(Occupation/Position)
주소(Mailing Address)
모친 (Mother) *성명(Full Name)
*연락처(Contact No.)
모 직업/직위(Occupation/Position)
주소(Mailing Address)

4. 어학능력 정보 (Language Ability Information)

시험명 (Name of Test) [eg. TOEIC, TOEFL, TOPIK etc.) 시험일 (Test Date) 점수 (Score)

5. 자기 소개서 (Self Introduction) *Please write over 500 words per each item.

1. 성장 과정(Life history)
2. 자신의 성격, 취미 그 밖의 사항 (Describing your character, hobbies and others)
언어 능력 (Language proficiency)

6. 학습 계획 (Study Plan) *Please write over 500 words per each item.

1. 학습 주요 분야(Main areas of study)
2. 학습 목표와 동기 (Aims and Motivation for the Research)
3. 학습 일정 (Schedule for the study)

*지원서류 업로드 (Upload the application materials)

*아래 서류들을 ZIP파일로 압축한 후 업로드 하십시오.
*Please compress the following files in a ZIP file and upload.

1. 개인정보제공동의서(Agreement to collect and use personal information)
2. 성적증명서(Official transcript of applicant‘s University)
3. 재학증명서(Certificate of Enrollment in applicant‘s University(Official Enrollment))
4. 건강진단서(Health certificate)
5. 여권 및 신분증 사본(Copy of Passport & ID card/Alien Registration Card)
6. 추천서(Aletter of Recommendation)
7. 사진 스캔본(Scaned Photo file)
8. 예금잔고증명서(Bank balance ceertificate)

(ZIP file)